Singing security guard spreads positivity at the Grange


A SINGING security guard maintains morale at Grange University Hospital.

Richard Lane and Jordan Marsh have led the department at Grange University Hospital since the building opened in 2020.

Often the first point of contact for patients, the couple tried to spread some positivity as they worked, with Mr Lane even becoming known as ‘the singing security guard’.

“My role is to put people at ease,” he said. “Security is a positive thing at the end of the day. A smile, a nod and a hello go much further.

During the pandemic, Mr. Lane found his passion for singing and sought to keep his spirits up by spreading positivity during difficult times.

“Some would say they hear me in the valleys, but you never know what someone is going through,” he said. “It’s nice to have that little bit of light like the sun on a rainy day.”

South Wales Argus: Security officer Richard Lane became known as the singing security guard at the Grange.Security guard Richard Lane became known as the singing security guard at the Grange. (Image: Doug Evens)

He estimates he has spoken – and sung – to thousands of Gwent residents over the past two years.

Mr. Marsh joined the security team after working in retail security. He said the Grange was a very different environment and compassion was a priority.

“We are often the first point of contact,” he said. “We can have someone who needs help with safety and sometimes it’s about being a shoulder to cry on, to lean on.”

South Wales Argus: Security staff on patrol at Grange University Hospital.Security personnel on patrol at Grange University Hospital. (Image: Doug Evens)

The team carries out regular patrols and ensures a constant presence around the hospital and in the emergency department.

“Emergency departments can be very busy and emotionally charged environments where the full range of human emotions can be found on a regular basis,” said Dr. Alastair Richards, Clinical Director of Emergency Medicine.

“They have been great at meeting, greeting and reporting our patients on site, dealing with unforeseen medical emergencies and protecting staff and patients when the situation arises.

“In incidents where violence and aggression could or did occur, the team has been excellent at defusing the situation.

“Quite simply, we couldn’t do our job without them.”

Jane Jones, a visitor to the Grange, said: “We were greeted by two absolutely fabulous members of the security staff who were helpful to us.

“They gave us directions and got a wheelchair for my daughter-in-law. They were outstanding and couldn’t do enough to help us.

“When we saw the security you couldn’t help but feel positive and it made me smile, and I know a lot of our staff felt the same way,” said Jayne Beasley, acting head of security. midwifery.

Ms Beasley added that the security team’s positivity had ‘brought us to smile through all the challenges’ in the department.


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