Snyk launches cloud security solution for DevSecOps teams


Snyk has unveiled Snyk Cloud, a comprehensive cloud security solution designed by and for developers.

This latest development was made possible by the acquisition of Fugue earlier this year. It was designed with global DevSecOps teams in mind, and unites and extends existing Snyk Infrastructure as Code and Snyk Container products with Fugue’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) capabilities.

These elements now come together to achieve a complete cloud security solution designed to enable modern developers to securely pursue innovation.

The Snyk Cloud product extends the company’s existing developer security platform, enabling more enterprises to adopt DevSecOps and drive more effective collaboration between their development, operations, security, and security teams. compliance.

Instead of grappling with piecing together multiple incompatible cloud and application security solutions, ultimately leading to a fragmented view of cloud application security, global developers now have the ability to take full ownership of their infrastructure, the company says .

At the same time, their security counterparts can define and operate a consistent cloud security posture throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

With the ever-increasing need for innovation speed in the digital age, siled application and cloud security tools that focus on detecting problems post-deployment are too slow and risky, creating growing tensions among developers and security teams.

With the addition of Snyk Cloud, Snyk customers can create secure deployments through an unparalleled code-to-cloud and back-to-code feedback loop, securing their cloud before deployment and maintaining its secure integrity during runtime. as well as evaluating and prioritizing specific areas to provide fixes in the code.

Over the past year, Snyk customers have reported that they have improved their posture against security risks by more than 60% by reducing the time it takes to find and fix vulnerabilities.

Peter McKay, CEO of Snyk, said, “Snyk’s developer-focused approach has shaken up the application security industry and we now aim to apply many of those lessons learned to the growing cybersecurity segment. the fastest today: security in the cloud.

“Worth an estimated $77.5 billion by 2026, this is an area ripe for change. apps more efficiently.

Adi Sharabani, CTO at Snyk, said, “Our global customers have witnessed how previous cybersecurity principles have evolved profoundly, with cloud infrastructure now evolving as rapidly as the applications themselves.

“They are looking for a complete solution that offers a truly complete cloud image, driving DevSecOps by improving developer productivity securely.

“We are incredibly proud to reveal this industry game changer, Snyk Cloud, the first developer security product designed for the cloud age to address every important step in modern application life today. from development to production.”

In addition to the above, Snyk introduced two new cloud security recruits, Ashish Rajan and Shilpi Bhattacharjee, founders of the Cloud Security Podcast, which is now officially powered by Snyk.

In their new roles, Ashish will serve as Snyk’s first cloud security advocate, while Shilpi will continue to serve as senior program manager for the Cloud Security Podcast.


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