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– The families said they were on edge Tuesday night after a social media threat directed at black students at East Wake High School was discovered online.

The students spotted the threat online and told their teachers. Teachers then notified school administration of the threat, and Wake County Public School System security was called.

“It’s sad that this person has to reach this level without caring about the students, their safety and their mental health,” said Lydia Ruffin, whose grandson attends East Wake High School.

The threat author, who was captured from an anonymous Snapchat account, used the N-word twice and ended the threat with “we will discuss how to get rid of all black people in ‘is”.

“I was not surprised [about the threat,] the Bible says there is nothing new under the sun – the same, different day,” Ruffin said.

East Wake principal Stacey Alston sent a letter to parents on Tuesday saying extra security would be on campus.

“We take threats to the school of any kind very seriously. WCPSS Security and local law enforcement agencies investigate all threats and assess their validity. We also work with law enforcement and the courts to prosecute any person, adult or student, responsible for making a threat,” Alston said in a letter sent to parents.

Ruffin said she was just glad everyone was okay.

“We really need to pray for people. We need to be vigilant parents, take authority and be more responsible for their children. We are our brother’s keepers,” Ruffin said.

Last September, East Wake was also locked for over an hour after a threat was posted on Snapchat. This threat was not racist.

“He has no color…evil is just evil,” Ruffin said.

School leaders said students and parents should report suspicious activity to the school administration or to WCPSS’s anonymous tip line at 919-856-1911.


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