Store security guard identified as man who killed Chicago grandmother Bobbye Johnson – CBS Chicago


CHICAGO (CBS) — There are new details about a shooting that killed a Chicago grandmother.

CBS 2 has learned that a security guard who, sources say, fired the shot that killed Bobbye Johnson, had virtually no training. CBS 2’s Jackie Kostek spoke to the boss of this security guard.

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The owner of this business said that the security guard involved in this shooting had just been hired and had worked about 10 shifts. The owner of Bounty TAC Force, who confirmed his employee Victor Brown was the security guard working outside of Wood’s Food and Liquor at 35th and Indiana.

He was on duty when a man opened fire and a shot from Brown hit Bobbye Johnson, 55, in the chest, killing her. A police source said the incident began with an argument between Brown and a man outside the liquor store on Monday.

Police say the man returned on Tuesday, he and Brown got into a fight, and the man shot Brown once in the leg. As the man fled east on 35th Street, the police report says Brown fired in his direction.

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“He was lying on the ground and knocking down the block.”

A witness spoke to CBS 2 on Tuesday, describing Brown’s shooting as reckless.

“He could have shot anybody coming out of any of those stores there. He could have hit anybody.

Brown, 34, has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2005, involving armed robbery and domestic assault. The owner of the security company said he had done a background check, but had not know Brown had a record.

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The owner said Brown arrived with standard 20- and 40-hour safety training certificates. The owner of that security company said he didn’t know if Brown was still in the hospital. Police are still looking for the man who fired the first shot.


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