Sudbury man rushes security guard with hypodermic needle


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A Sudbury man found driving a stolen car in 2018 and lunged at a security guard with a hypodermic needle in 2021 will not spend time in jail.

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Quinn Towegishig, 24, who is currently receiving treatment at the Greenstone Center for Recovery in Bala, southeast of Greater Sudbury, pleaded guilty in the Ontario Court of Justice via Zoom link to two counts of violation of probation, possession of stolen property over $5,000, and assault with a weapon.

Judge Andrew Buttazzoni, accepting a joint submission from the Crown and defense attorney Jacob Gauthier, issued a four-month suspended sentence (house arrest with strict conditions) and a DNA order.

Asked by Buttazzoni how he was doing, Towegishig replied “I’m doing very well. I also have a job when I get out of here.

The four-month conditional sentence will use the time Towegishig is currently spending at Bala Institution, with the remainder to be served when he is released and returns to Greater Sudbury.

Court heard that on June 21, 2018, Towegishig was suspected of being in possession of a stolen 2007 Saturn vehicle. On June 26, officers saw him driving the vehicle and getting out of it on Lonsdale Avenue.

Additionally, from March 4 to September 3 of that year, Towegishig failed to report to his probation officer as required.

On January 13, 2021, a security guard at a building on Bruce Avenue noticed Towegishig, whom he knew, in the back of the building doing drugs. Towegishig was ordered to leave as he had broken in.

Towegishig flew into a rage, pulled out a hypodermic needle, lunged at the security guard, and made a startling move. He then flees.

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Towegishig had a prior criminal record.

In his sentencing brief, Gauthier said Towegishig, who is from a First Nations community in the Longlac area, has been at the Greenstone facility since March 25 and will remain there until June 25.

Gauthier noted that Towegishig has not had any additional charges since the Bruce Avenue incident. The lawyer said that when Towegishig finishes his treatment at Greenstone, he intends to continue doing things like attending Alcoholics Anonymous counseling sessions.

“Mr. Towegishig is doing everything, in my opinion, to get better,” Gauthier said. “He’s coping with his opiate addiction. He’s clean, has his own apartment.

“The underlying issue is clearly his addiction, which he is trying to resolve,” Assistant Crown Attorney Mathieu Ansell said.

Following the four guilty pleas, the Crown dropped the other charges Towegishig faced.

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