Tech5 faces biometrics deployed for verification of COVID-19 status in Chile


Tech5 is providing its facial recognition technology to help Chile’s COVID-19 health verification efforts to prevent the spread of the disease with active research through active biometric traceability.

The company says its T5-Face will be integrated by partner Solem with a system to link an individual’s biometrics to their COVID-19 test results, which it says helps formalize consent, prevent l identity theft and to facilitate quarantine monitoring.

The solution has successfully passed a test with a first customer in Chile, proving the effectiveness of biometric traceability, according to the announcement.

Now it is being implemented in an active search for COVID-19 cases. Workers will take rapid antigen tests and perform facial authentication every week to produce health-related credentials for verification by employers upon arrival at work.

“The solution is completely inclusive, even for workers who do not have a smartphone, as the integration can be done in the clinic before the test,” says Víctor Parra, Solem product manager. “The same solution can be used in cases where symptoms are suspected to ensure that the person has taken a rapid test, thereby preventing a person with a positive detection of the virus from entering a construction site.”

“For Tech5, this is a great opportunity to present its technologies and solutions to a wider range of customers, as well as to prove its effectiveness in various use cases in Latin America,” comments Jeremy James, vice president of sales. from Tech5 for the Caribbean and Latin America.

The partners also say they intend to develop more biometric solutions for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in 2022.

Tech5 also expanded its target markets with an integration with ImageWare for visitor management announced in September.

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