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Texas Male Maskhole Charged With Biting Thumb To Bone Of Hospital Security Officer.


We’ve all been there. A person can only eat a limited number of Landshire sandwiches and unbranded hot chocolate, standard hospital vending machine fare, before they start to stretch and need a little variety. Now, for most of us, we’re happy with a hot dog or a burrito, but some might need something more exotic.

Maybe an inch, for example.

Man charged with assault after biting security guard’s thumb over hospital mask policy

Man sits in Wichita County Jail and faces a third degree felony charge after police say he attacked a security guard in Kell West over COVID-19 mask policy of the hospital. This happened around 11:45 am Wichita Falls police attended Kell West about a disturbance between Chad Staelens, 37, and the security guard. Police were shown security footage of Staelens trying to enter the hospital without a mask.

They say the security guard repeatedly told him: “It is the policy of the hospital to wear a mask inside” before Staelens continued inside where he was once again confronted. to the security guard.

By now, most of you are probably aware that some crimes have codes that allow the police to quickly identify the situation. For example, a shot is called 10-71. But the Covid era has become so bizarre, that there are incidents for which a whole series of new codes must be implemented. For example, eat the thumb. If I were the dispatcher I would radio, “Car-22, know there’s a WTF at Kell West Hospital, a WTF. Please protect your appendages.

The guard raised his hands to prevent Staelens from stabbing him in the face and that was when police said Staelens bit the guard’s left thumb, causing it to bleed and exposing the bone.

It’s no laughing matter for the security guard, who could be permanently affected by a raging mask hole trying to eat it. He’ll likely need some intensive treatment, and we all know a hand is almost useless without a thumb.

Remember that there is no background to the behavior of the maskholes, and the possibilities are going to be hit, shoot, stab, be eaten. Personally, I cannot tolerate a polite society allowing instances where humans start to eat each other, as this will create uncomfortable situations in queues in public places like the DMV.

Not to mention what could get out of hand if the middle finger turns into portable snacks in traffic in New York City. No, eating other people has to be nipped in the bud.

But not with teeth.


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