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Residential burglaries and home invasions are increasingly common in the United States, resulting in billions of dollars in damage each year, not to mention loss of life. To keep your home safe, you need to be proactive and take steps to secure your property. One of the best ways is the use of security cameras. Whether you need them to monitor the babysitter or be on the lookout for intruders, you might consider a disguised camera to be more effective rather than the obvious.

By chatting with experts, we’ve put together a list of the best ways to hide your security camera;

Let your home security cameras blend in with common objects

Select subtle locations to hide your camera without hiding it. A small camera, for example, can be hidden among the branches of a lush houseplant. The shelves can also be used to hide a small camera. A camera can get a great view from a high ceiling location. Look for a design that will complement your ceiling, windows and moldings. However, do not place your camera too high off the ground. This will make it difficult to capture clear photos, which may override the camera lens.

Installing a camera too close to the ground is also a bad idea. A thief or vandal can easily reach and dirty your gadget because of it. I recommend placing a security camera 8-10 feet from the ground. The camera shouldn’t be completely undetectable, but it shouldn’t be visible either. Finally, all cables should be hidden or camouflaged. A wireless camera may be easier to hide, but it may not be the best solution for your system. Since most systems rely on sensors, make sure they are also hidden.

Bram Jansen, editor-in-chief of vpnAlert

Hiding in plain sight

Surveillance is a tricky sport that requires an excellent strategy of camouflage. Cameras should be hidden in places offering a wide viewing angle with sufficient lighting. Hidden cameras give a serious sense of security and control over one’s surroundings. Maintaining discretion allows time to assess the situation and make decisions in private and with solid evidence.

Hiding the cameras in plain sight is always worth a try, especially when you want to keep an eye out for guests and uninvited guests. Curtain rods are a great place because they are tall enough to provide an eagle’s point of view. You can take inspiration from snapshots from spy movies and place cameras in vents, plush toys, and flower vases. No one ever expects to be watched and it’s true, we have a selective view and only see what we expect.

Andrew Ng, CEO and Founder Trusted Malaysia

Set up a doorbell camera

Video doorbell cameras are becoming more and more attractive, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic – many people have chosen the convenience of a doorbell camera while staying at home to minimize the spread of the virus. Secret Video Doorbell Cameras provide an extra layer of protection and convenience while maintaining a sleek and understated appearance, in addition to providing a smarter home.

Place it in a shelf

You’re in luck if you have a shelf in your living room. The bookshelf is a fantastic place to hide your camera as thieves won’t look through your book collection. They’ll likely want to look for additional big-ticket items. Isn’t that, however, a little too obvious? Not if you have a small camera or a wireless camera, at least. You will not only have a great view from the top of your living room, but the camera will also be hidden.

Tal Shelef, entrepreneur, real estate agent and co-founder of Co-ownership assistant

Hide them among the shrubs and trees

Military officers like to hide in the leaves and branches of trees. You can use your security camera in the same way. However, bushes, branches and leaves are not always enough. Therefore, it is better to paint the camera green so that it blends in perfectly with the surroundings. However, painting a camera can void its warranty.

The likelihood of criminal activity on your property will be reduced if you can hide the camera. If you have difficulty concealing the camera, a wireless option is preferable. It will be much easier to hide the camera without using wires.

Hamza Ghayas, Marketing Manager at GSDLovers

Hide them under ceilings, soffits

Because security cameras are small and their body color is usually white, placing them under the eaves makes them instantly invisible. As a result, they are difficult to locate unless someone goes out of their way to search for them. Make sure the camera you choose is compact. Installing cameras outside on a weekday is one of the best ways to hide them. During the week, most people are preoccupied with their own activities and no one has time to pay attention to them. It’s easy to notice if you hide a security camera on the weekend.

Edward Mellett, Founder / Co-Founder

Hide them in the birdhouse

Installing a security camera in a birdhouse is a great way to hide it. The birdhouse is a closed construction with a small hole that allows your camera to see the outside world while still being hidden from passers-by. If your home is broken into or vandalized, a security camera installed in the birdhouse can continue to record the incident and help police apprehend criminals.

To avoid suspicion, make sure the birdhouse is placed as organically as possible. Second, check that there are no obstacles in the way of the security camera to capture clear images.

Rameez Usmani, Technical and Safety Expert The code signing store

People are more desperate than ever because of the pandemic. Criminal incidents, assaults, thefts, break-ins are more important than ever. As a security expert, I cannot deny the importance of a hidden camera in every household. To prevent the hidden camera from being detected by intruders. A few places are listed below;

Artificial Plants

Artificial plants can be a wonderful way to hide hidden cameras from unwanted guests. Position the camera on the vase or on the bottom of the pants and use the leaves to conceal the camera to avoid detection.

Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets can also hide the hidden camera. But the medicine cabinet should have a clear glass and put a medicine jar in front of the camera so that the camera position can be even more concealed.

Curtain rods

Curtain rods can be a simple but effective way to hide the camera. As it is a raised area, it can be used to service a larger area. Most people won’t even expect there to be a camera on the curtain rod.

Félix Maberly, security expert at Tiger Supplies

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