The government is relaunching its cybersecurity strategy – Security


Cybersecurity Minister Clair O’Neil has instructed her ministry to overhaul the cybersecurity strategy initiated by the former government.

A spokesman for the minister said iTnews the government wants a more consultative approach to developing the strategy.

In April, the Morrison government announced it would fund its $9.9 billion REDSPICE project by canceling Defense’s SkyGuarding drone package.

The Australian announced the news of the management change.

“Australia’s next cybersecurity strategy will be a national effort,” said Minister O’Neil. iTnews in a statement sent by e-mail.

“It will be based on sovereign capacity, with a plan for the future workforce and the growth of the cybersecurity industry, including Australian cyber SMEs.

“This will build resilience, with real commitment and industry alliances to deal with cyber shocks in a confident and non-anxious way,” the minister said.

“It will look to the future, to include the role of critical technologies, our partnerships across the Quad and international norms and standards.

“And it will be really strategic, in the way it contributes to Australia’s economic growth and as part of our national security posture, including securing supply chains.”

A spokesman for the minister said iTnews“This is an important part of public policy, and she wants industry input as much as possible.”

According The Australiandetails of the revised strategy will likely be discussed next Tuesday, when Telstra’s outgoing CEO Andy Penn, as chairman of the government’s cyber industry advisory committee, delivers a speech to the National Press Club.


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