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The Verizon app may be collecting your browsing history and more


The My Verizon app may collect information about your browsing history, location, apps, and contacts, all for the purpose of helping the business “understand your interests,” first spotted by Grab. The program, which Verizon appears to automatically enroll customers in, is called Verizon Custom Experience and is hidden in the app’s privacy settings.

The program has two different options that appear in the app, Custom Experience and Custom Experience Plus, each varying in terms of invasiveness. Verizon provides additional information about both settings in the app, as well as an FAQ page on its website. It looks like the Custom Experience option is a lite version of Custom Experience Plus, and as Verizon points out right in the app, it helps Verizon to “personalize” its “communication with you” and “give you recommendations from more relevant products and services ”. using “information about the websites you visit and the applications you use on your mobile device”.

Meanwhile, Custom Experience Plus has the same goal: to help Verizon give you a more “personalized” experience. However, it not only uses information about the websites and apps you use on your mobile device, but it also states that it uses “your device’s location” as well as “phone numbers that you call or call. Who Call You “to help Verizon” better understand your interests. “This also includes your CPNI, which tracks the times and duration of your calls.

As Verizon explains on its site, it may use your information to, for example, show you an offer that includes music content or provide you with a music-related option in its Verizon Up reward program if it knows you like it. the music. Verizon explicitly states that you “must register to participate and you can change your choice at any time,” but it doesn’t appear that users have the option to register themselves, or maybe they do. without knowing.

After checking my own app’s privacy settings, I found that “Personalized Experience” and “Personalized Experience Plus” were already enabled. I don’t remember turning on any of these features or being asked about them. Like Andrew Paul from Grab Notes, he only discovered the feature after mistakenly opening a promotional email from Verizon describing the new program.

To turn off the personalized experience completely, open your My Verizon app, then tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Scroll down and select “Manage privacy settings” under the “Preferences” heading. On the next page, turn off “Personalized Experience” and “Personalized Experience Plus”. To clear any information Verizon has already collected about you through the program, tap “Custom Experience Settings” and tap “Reset.” The company says it won’t sell your information to advertisers and “will only use it for Verizon purposes,” but it’s still confusing either way.

In April, T-Mobile began automatically enrolling users in a program that shares your data with advertisers, unless you manually turn off your privacy settings. At AT&T Privacy Center, the company says it collects information about the web and browsing, as well as the apps you use, and that you can manage those settings from AT&T website.

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