Thief bites security guard’s hand ‘like a dog’


A shoplifter bit a security guard’s hand and shook his head ‘like a dog’ after he was caught stealing items from Tesco and Marks and Spencer.

Darren Cundell was spotted by the security guard taking items from branches of the two stores at Rushes shopping center in Loughborough.

Cundell was then followed and tackled to the ground by the guard in the Biggin Street area and they ended up struggling on the ground.

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When they stood up, the accused began punching the guard, who knocked him to the ground a second time.

Cundell then bit the security guard’s finger and ‘latched onto him, shaking his head from side to side like a dog might with a toy’, Leicester Crown Court heard.

He also attempted to gouge out the guard’s eye before a store manager arrived to help detain Cundell until the police arrived.

Father-of-two Cundell, formerly of Loughborough Engineers Court, has admitted to being charged with causing actual bodily harm.

Court heard he escaped prosecution for two shoplifting offences, believed to have been committed on the same day, because the Crown failed to charge him within the six-month time limit required for summary offenses uniquely.

The victim suffered cuts to his finger and wrist as well as a bruised arm, redness on the top of his head and pain.

In a police interview, Cundell claimed he was acting in self-defense.

Mr Heath said the defendant had 121 crimes on his record, including 63 for theft and similar offenses committed since 1994.

Mitigating Sinjin Bulbring said, “His track record speaks for itself and shows desperate efforts to fund drug addiction.

“He was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground before any identification.”

The lawyer claimed that Cundell had been attacked and stabbed three weeks earlier and did not know the person attacking him was a security guard.

Recorder David Richards said it was obvious there could be repercussions from security personnel, with Cundell having just walked out of a store ‘as bold as copper’ with ‘a few hundred pounds of ‘alcohol”.

Tesco at Loughborough Rushes shopping center

Mr Bulbring said: “He admits he went too far in the altercation and says he is ashamed and embarrassed at his behavior and wishes to apologize to the victim in this matter, who was only doing his work.

“He knows he’s too old to continue repeating this destructive behavior.

“He had his own apartment but is now lost.”

Court heard Cundell was already serving jail time for theft, assaulting a rescue worker [a paramedic]possession of a bladed item, threatening behavior and violation of a conditional sentence.

Sentencing recorder Richards said: “A security guard tried to take the basket from you.

“You must have expected the possibility of someone arresting you.

“There was a struggle in you tried to gouge out his eye, it was a nasty attempt to break free.

“You put his finger in your mouth and he was screaming in pain as you shook your head.

“Your life has been ruined by drugs and I accept the root cause of your offence.”

Cundell was sentenced to five months in prison, to run consecutively, after completing the two-year sentence he is already serving.


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