Thieves Loot Gujarat Tobacco Products and Ambushed Security Officer


Three robbers broke into a tobacco shop at Kadodara GIDC in Surat district of Gujarat and looted different tobacco products worth Rs 10.44 lakh. The marauders also took the security guard hostage and tied his hands and legs with ropes, before committing the robbery, police said.

According to the police, the godown belongs to Nitin Modi, owner of a nearby tobacconist.

According to the police, three young people showed up for the raid in two temporary trucks on Friday evening. The security guard was caught off guard as he was ambushed by the armed gang. They beat him with a stick and then held him hostage. One of the robbers tied the guard’s legs and hands and pushed him in tempo and took him to a distant location, while the other gang members opened the godown lock and stole items of tobacco worth Rs 10.44 lakh. They then decamped with looted goods. The security guard was then dropped by thieves in a remote location and escaped.

The guard managed to untie himself with ropes and contacted the owner of the godown and informed him of the incident.

Based on Nitin Modi’s complaint, Kadodara Police registered a case under IPC 365, 394, 458, 120(b) and opened an investigation.

Kadodara Police Deputy Inspector PC Sarvaiya said: “We suspect that some known people may be involved in this theft. The business owner used to send the owners of pot shops to his godown from where he had the tobacco wares delivered. We also have CCTV footage inside and outside the godown. We are investigating the case to arrest the accused.


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