Trevor Murdoch recalls UK’s savage fight with fans and Vince McMahon’s reaction


What Murdoch didn’t know was that the fan was part of an Irish wedding reception, which were all in the hall. After punching a second guy, Murdoch “found himself in a halfpipe of probably 25 Irishmen taking off their jackets and were ready to kick his ass”.

Cade, who was walking ahead of Murdoch and Orton, turned around and saw what was happening. “It turns into a 290-pound bulldozer,” Murdoch said. “He starts running and those poor b***ards never see him coming because they have their backs to him. He just put his head down and knocked about four guys on his stomach.”

Running for the elevator, the duo closed the door, took a deep breath, and headed to their hotel room. Half an hour later, Murdoch received a phone call from Anderson, who asked, “Do you have that asshole Lance Cade with you?” After a confirmation from Murdoch, Anderson replied, “You two gotta get down here, you’re gonna get arrested.”

The police were waiting with several wagonloads of paddy, two of which were for Cade and Murdoch. The third car was manned by their assigned security guard, who knocked out the first fan with a clearing kick while said fan was on all fours. At the police station, the security guard was put in a jail cell while Murdoch and Cade were taken to another room for photos as the officers were fans.


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