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Trinity Sanders smashed 15 bottles of wine at Tesco before attacking security guard


A woman who smashed 15 bottles of wine before hitting a security guard was sent to jail.

Homeless Trinity Sanders, 30, was arrested after entering the Tesco Express in Abington Street, Northampton and picking up a bottle of wine before telling a security guard she was going to steal it.

Northampton Magistrates’ Court heard today (September 22) that the warden approached Sanders before she smashed the bottle on the ground.

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She then ran away, dropping items on the shelves as she was followed by the guard.

The court heard that Sanders had knocked over around 15 bottles of wine, all of which shattered on the ground at a cost of “no more than £ 150”.

She was then grabbed by the guard, at which point she said she intended to steal more wine.

After challenging the thief, the warden was suddenly punched in the head by Sanders, causing him to bruise and swell in the head.

Sanders admitted to being drunk at the time of the offense and said she didn’t remember the whole incident.

The court heard that Sanders said the guard did nothing wrong before hitting him.

At a hearing in Northampton Magistrates’ Court, Sanders pleaded guilty to theft, assault and battery.

She also admitted to breaking a probation order.

In total, she was sentenced to a total of seven weeks in prison and ordered to pay £ 100 in compensation to the guard.

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