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She is one of 100 security guards who learned to perform CPR as part of a basic resuscitation training program.

Published: Fri, Oct 14, 2022, 4:32 PM

Last update: Fri Oct 14, 2022 4:36 PM

CPR can save lives, and a security guard at RAK Hospital proved it when she managed to save a man who arrived in critical condition at the hospital.

Deborah Oyewole, who is trained in a certified high quality basic care program at RAK Hospital, said: “It’s so overwhelming to save someone.”

RAK Hospital offered the program to 100 security guards across the emirate with the aim of creating first aid heroes equipped to handle health emergencies and provide first aid.

Oyewole managed to help a man shortly after receiving the training. The Nigerian said the training not only helped the 100 guards learn how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) but also made them brave and confident to act at lightning speed in an emergency.

Stanley Atuchukwu, who works at RAK Security Services, said the training helped them give back to society. “The training taught us how to perform CPR with precision, and it’s a step-by-step learning. I will undertake the advanced training that will help me give back to the community.

“I am now sure to offer my help in an emergency,” Atuchukwu added.

CPR – or cardiopulmonary resuscitation – is an emergency procedure that can save someone who has suffered cardiac arrest (when the heart stops beating). A study indicates that 9 out of 10 people who experience cardiac arrest outside the hospital die, but immediate CPR can double or triple their chances of survival.

Statistics also show that 80% of deaths from injuries can also be prevented by administering first aid. Additionally, getting first aid helps reduce a person’s recovery time and can make a huge difference between the patient having a temporary or long-term disability.

A demonstration CPR process was performed by the newly trained security guards at an event held at RAK Hospital.

Dr. Amin Hussain Al Amiri, Deputy Undersecretary for Medical Practice and Licensing Sector at the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health, who was present at the event, said: “This is a great initiative, and we will seek to train and certify all security officers. across the country,” Al Amiri said.

Al Amiri added the first initiative of its kind where security guards will become trained CPR practitioners, even as they stay on their toes – literally – across the emirate.

The campaign that will cover Ras Al Khaimah will be broadcast in other parts of the UAE, creating first aid heroes across the UAE. Security officers placed in workplaces, residential apartments and villas, schools, shopping malls, industries and other businesses will be trained in batches to cover all the emirates.

Dr Raza Siddiqui, executive director of RAK Hospital, said security guards are the most common link across the UAE and are found in all kinds of establishments, making them ideally suited to work as first responders in an emergency.

“The aim is to give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify situations requiring immediate help, as well as the skills to initiate first aid and basic CPR until emergency services arrive. ’emergency,” added Dr Siddiqui.

“In an emergency, response time is critical. Every second counts, so having the right skills is essential. Additionally, recognizing the signs of someone in medical distress and then being able to help them can mean the difference between life and death. It was also found that without proper first aid, a simple injury could become fatal,” said Dr. Jean M Gauer, CEO of RAK Hospital.



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