VisitUs front desk paves the way for digital visitor management while reducing the impact of Covid


VisitUs is an Australian-based company with customers across the United States. The company was founded in 2017 with the aim of making the working life of companies and employees easier. Their goal is simple, to make work safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved. They consist of a small team of developers, designers, marketers, and customer service agents. Their ultimate goal is to create a business-friendly visitor experience.

Sydney, Australia – VisitUs Reception is the future of workplace visitor management. Designed to streamline your visitor experience, it also offers your customers a contactless way to connect, making them feel safe and reducing the spread of Covid-19.

They offer a fully customizable web-based dashboard with an easy-to-use interface allowing you to manage your entire visitor experience from one place, including booking, scheduling, online check-in, online payment, email notifications, reports, etc. ongoing may also include covid screening for visitors and digital agreement on covid procedures.

Their unique feature is that they integrate with third-party software. They currently support Credenxia, ​​RotaOne, Zapier, Microsoft Active Directory, Inception, and Outlook and Gmail calendars.

The platform also allows you to track visitors. You can view live statistics on the number of visitors entering and leaving your building at any given time. You can even set custom alerts to know when someone has entered or left your office.

You can easily add multiple locations and buildings to your account. This means you can manage all of your desktops from one place.

You can also customize your dashboard to suit your needs. If you want to see only certain types of visitors (e.g. customers), this is also possible.

Visitors can book their visit through the VisitUs system. When they arrive at your office, they simply enter their name and email address and click submit. A confirmation message will be sent to them by e-mail confirming their details.

The possibilities for streamlining your workplace are endless.

“We believe the VisitUs front desk can not only help improve the user experience, but also provide businesses with the opportunity to save money, keep their staff safe, increase productivity and reduce stress in their workplace. –Alister Wood

About VisitUs:

VisitUs Reception is designed to help businesses manage their entire visitor management process directly from a personalized web-based dashboard. Enable detailed reporting, visitor connections and tracking, keeping businesses and visitors informed every step of the way. They also offer a free trial so anyone can try out their service before purchasing.

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