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Washington security guard pleads guilty to driving while banned after “total error in judgment”


Distracted Washington security guard inadvertently offered himself a reduction in driving ban by nearly a year, court said

David Tindale, 36, changed his numbers and believed his 26-month drunk driving disqualification was only 16 months.

The truth came to him when he was pulled over by police while driving a Ford Focus on the A184 at Teams, Gateshead on Monday May 17th.

Tindale, of Brackenway, Albany, committed what his lawyer described as “a total error in judgment”.

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At South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, the club gates and construction worker pleaded guilty to driving during a ban.

District Judge Natalie Wortley ordered him off the roads for an additional three months.

Prosecutor Niamh Reading said: “A policeman had to stop his vehicle.

“Investigations revealed that he was disqualified at that time.”

Tindale was banned in November 2019 for driving with excess alcohol, it was said.

Jason Smith, defending, said: “He completely forgot the length of his disqualification.

“He thought it was for 16 months rather than 26 months. He went to borrow a friend’s car and had him insured.

“He just made a total error of judgment in all respects. He was surprised when officers said he was banned

“That day he was driving home from work to go to his daughter’s birthday party.

“The officer was so impressed with his kindness that he took him home.

“There was no bad driving, it was a timing error.”

Judge Wortley told him, “You were a considerable way into this ban when you were arrested.

“There is no suggestion that there was anything wrong with the standard of conduct.

“I agree that this falls into the lowest category, but it was your responsibility to verify that your disqualification had ended, it had not.”

At the time of sentencing, Tindale had 11 weeks of his running ban, the court said.

Judge Wortley handed him an additional three-month disqualification, which means he can be back on the roads in 24 weeks.

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