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A visitor management system (VMS) is a software application used in organizations to manage visitor interactions. A VMS typically includes the ability to create visitor profiles, track visitor movements, and manage visitor access. When it comes to choosing a VMS for your organization, there are a few key features you should look out for to ensure you get the best possible solution. Keep reading to learn more about visitor management systems and their features.

Built-in security features

Verkada Guest is a visitor management platform that streamlines security with visitor management. This makes it easier for businesses to beef up their security while keeping track of guest flow. Your system can be monitored from entrance to exit remotely with Verkada cameras, allowing you to easily locate where a guest was at all times. Your visitor management system’s dashboard also provides a way to track specific analytics, such as visitor timelines and people of interest logs. Analytics comes with specialized filters that make it easy to narrow down the stats you’re looking for. You can even create custom reports to share guest engagement analytics with executives and stakeholders.

A tailor-made visitor experience

Without a visitor management system, many businesses rely on impersonal methods, such as sign-in/sign-out sheets. With a visitor management platform, you can create a personalized experience for all of your visitors. This means you can personalize the experience based on the visitor’s reason for visiting. For example, a respondent should have a different experience than a potential customer. A visitor management system allows you to create specialized welcome screens that meet the needs of your guests. Potential clients or journalists might receive an NDA or a questionnaire, while an interviewee might have a basic landing page with instructions directing them to the interview site. Not only is this level of personalization convenient for your visitors, but it’s also a great way to differentiate your visitors.

Streamlined administrative workflows

Visitor management software doesn’t just make your visitors’ lives more convenient and simplifies administrative tasks. Admins can easily manage, assign and navigate the platform and grant certain user permissions if needed. For example, if an organization needs a visitor log for a particular day and time, administrators can quickly extract that information and share it using role-based permissions. Administrators can also easily manage the check-in/check-out process and print personalized badges while auditing certain people, if necessary.

A seamless customer experience

Along with its comprehensive customization options, visitor management software also gives guests an enjoyable and streamlined tour of your organization. Whether you run a school or a corporate office, every visitor will feel welcomed with benefits like contactless login and auto-logout on an iPad. This saves your customers time and increases the likelihood of a positive experience with your organization. Moreover, these platforms offer personalized calendar invitations and SMS notifications, which effectively relieves the administrators. Visitor management platforms also offer digital signage, so your guests and administrators don’t have to rely on bulk documents to track arrivals and departures.

Student security checks

As school security becomes a major concern, the need for visitor management within educational institutions has increased. A visitor management system can help mitigate security concerns while making it easier for schools to track who enters and exits school property. For example, Verkada Guest can screen visitors against US sex offender registries. If a visitor is reported, administrators and users are instantly notified. Security screens may also be required for certain individuals and any reported visitor may be promptly barred from entering the premises.

Overall, a high quality visitor management system is important for any business or organization to keep track of who comes and go and to maintain a safe and secure environment. If you’re interested in implementing a visitor management platform, request a demo with the Verkada team and take the next steps towards simplified visitor management.




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