Why the Aspire Tower at KL Eco City is a new business address worth buying


Has the year reshaped the way your business operates? Change has been inevitable for most companies, pushing forward new ideas about flexibility, right sizing and quality of life at work. As the challenges of running a business in the midst of a global pandemic have presented themselves, so there is an opportunity for an upgrade – if you know where to look. Look no further than KL Eco City, and here we tell you why.

Winner of the FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards 2019 (Office category) and World Gold Winner of the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Awards 2020 (Office category), KL Eco City is a game-changer for businessmen and discerning investors. This 25-acre mixed-use, transit-focused development is designed as a city within a city, anchored by commercial offices, luxury residential towers, lifestyle outlets and a four-star hotel that will be marked under the Thai flag. is at the origin of the Amari chain.

The Aspire Tower is located at the heart of the 25-acre integrated mixed-use and transit-oriented development, KL Eco City.

KL’s new business center

With its distinctive business address on Jalan Bangsar, unrivaled connectivity, and adaptable workspaces in various configurations, a move to Aspire Tower could very well be a step in the right direction for businesses.

As more and more businessmen take more and more interest in the KL Fringe area above the city center of KL, Bangsar has also become more and more popular and trendy as a place to go. ‘business. It has become a seal of social and entrepreneurial approval for a successful upstart in Bangsar, or for businesses that thrive to do so while embracing new ideas.

“The location, the strong visibility of the company, the grouping of related companies, accessibility by road or public transport and sufficient parking are some of the key decision factors involved in the purchase of an office. », Shares Veena Loh, director of research and advice of JLL Property Services.

KL Eco City
Aspire Tower at KL Eco City.

KL Eco City presents an exceptional opportunity to harness the potential of the emerging new shopping center, dubbed the New Golden Triangle, which stretches from KL Sentral on Jalan Bangsar to Damansara City in Damansara Heights, also encompassing Bangsar, Pantai and Mid Valley City. At the heart of this new golden triangle is KL Eco City which not only takes advantage of its highly strategic location, but also adds value to this growing CBD by setting new standards in accessibility, design and architecture, functionality as well as rental rates.

Strategically located at the heart of the KL Eco City mixed-use integrated development, the Aspire Tower enjoys direct access to the LRT-KTM integrated rail hub which includes the existing Abdullah Hukum LRT station linked to the new KTM Komuter station. One can easily board the KLIA Express from KL Sentral, which is only two stops from KL Eco City.

KL Eco City is also interconnected by major roads and easily accessible with six new ramps and bridges to Federal Highway, New Pantai Expressway (NPE), Jalan Maarof and Jalan Bangsar. A two-tier internal road system is also provided to ensure a smoother inbound and outbound traffic flow in the development.

kl eco city
Connected to Mid Valley City and an integrated KTM and LRT rail hub, KL Eco City’s superior connectivity is a key attraction.

“The presence of support services such as the hotel, a wide range of restaurants and eateries in nearby shopping malls and other related services provide convenience to the tenants of KL Eco City offices,” says YY Lau , country manager of JLL Property Services.

Connected to Mid Valley City via a pedestrian bridge, KL Eco City has also attracted top tenants in professional services, consumer electronics and new technology, including Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Zurich Malaysia, F-Secure, Gibraltar BSN Life Berhad, Phillip Wain Malaysia, WeWork, Shopee, Klook, J&T Express and Veolia Water.

“Well-developed transit oriented development (TOD) is likely to see price appreciation as development matures and more businesses and individuals move to TOD. Ownership saves the business substantial costs in the long run. In terms of business, a company owning the office in a long-term TOD will attract customers among those who use the remaining mixed development because of the ease of transportation, ”adds YY Lau.

Aspire Tower, KL Eco City
Premium public transport is available through the integrated rail hub, comprising the existing LRT Abdullah Hukum station which is connected to the new KTM Kommuter station.

How much space would you like? You decide

“To overcome the aftermath of COVID-19, most businesses will consider cost-cutting measures to preserve cash flow and ensure business continuity,” said Teh Young Khean, executive director of corporate services at Knight Frank Malaysia. “More and more office occupants are looking for flexibility to allow them to stay nimble and avoid being locked into long-term leases. “

Providing more information, James Buckley, Executive Director of Capital Markets at Knight Frank Malaysia, adds: “We are finding that multinational companies prefer the flexibility offered by leasing office space while many established local companies see the benefits. long-term ownership and the ability to build equity over time, rather than paying monthly rent.

With over 670,000 square feet of premier retail space, Aspire Tower offers layouts for three different office types, catering to a wide range of industries and business needs. A flexible land use planning system provides a fertile environment to foster networking among industry players, from young start-ups to international companies. The 42-story Aspire Tower offers a variety of office configurations ranging from 1,152 square feet to 18,690 square feet. Whether you are a start-up, a multinational corporation, or looking to size your office during this pandemic, the Aspire Tower is the perfect place for your business with its prestigious Bangsar address.

Executive offices

Typical sizes: 1,152 to 1,971 square feet
Main characteristics: Compact, adaptable and affordable
Good for: Startups looking for a dynamic office environment with luxury amenities

Signature offices

Typical sizes: 3,623 to 16,393 square feet
Main characteristics: The greatest flexibility in terms of size to meet various workplace requirements
Good for: Mid-sized businesses looking to offer designated creative workspaces

Premier Offices

Typical sizes: 18,690 sq. Ft. (Entire floor)
Main characteristics: The entire floor is yours, the utmost exclusivity and executive level amenities
Good for: Large companies to organize and provide the best office environment with a multitude of layouts

Aspire Tower, KL Eco City
Sky Dining @ Aspire Tower.

The advantages of the office

Aspire Tower takes productivity to new heights by offering a range of service rooms that advance a lifestyle element beyond the conventional 9 to 5. Service rooms with wellness facilities attached to a swimming pool, Sky restaurant and business center are available for outright purchase by companies.

This grade A stratified head office tower will be served by 16 elevators transporting its occupants to the lower area or the upper area via two independent elevator lobbies. With each component considered, the halls were built to incorporate efficient vertical traffic management with state-of-the-art security. From the latest card access system and professionally monitored Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), to the diligent Visitor Management System (VMS) and cataloged turnstile access, these halls ensure a secure working environment. .

Aspire Tower, KL Eco City
Aspire Tower is the latest corporate office tower available for sale at KL Eco City.

Aspire Tower owners can also enjoy the unique benefit of owning parking spaces where purchasing a selected office space in the tower allows you to enjoy your own private parking spaces for absolute convenience. Each parking space turns a significant expense into an investment and an asset. This allows you to enjoy your own private parking spots without having to endure the daily hassle of finding a parking spot and avoiding the hassle of renewing the monthly parking card.

Designed for forward-thinking entrepreneurs, Aspire Tower aims to consolidate the status of global companies by meeting the highest standards in the integration of workspace, leisure and interconnectivity. Aspire Tower is the finest and latest corporate office tower available for sale at KL Eco City.

For more information on the Aspire Tower, visit www.aspiretower.com or click here to get in touch via WhatsApp. the sthe beer gallery is located at Setia International Center @ KL Eco City.


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