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Why this aspiring Senate security guard is being talked about on local Twitter

Phil delos reyes
Independent candidate Phil Delos Reyes, security guard, filed his Certificate of Nomination (COC) for Senator at the Sofitel Harbor Garden Tent in Pasay City on October 1, 2021. (The STAR / Russell Palma)

A security guard, who has filed a Certificate of Nomination (COC) for a Senate position, is creating buzz online because of his speech on the campaign platform.

A named individual Phil delos reyes submitted their COC to the Harbor Garden tent of the Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City on the first day of filing, according to CNN Philippines.

The independent senatorial candidate, who wore his uniform, said Friday was his “day off.”

Delos Reyes is aiming for a Senate seat in the 2022 election to craft laws that will allow Filipinos to enjoy social benefits, lower internet costs, and have streamlined procedures for obtaining government ID cards and licenses.

He also said he wanted to improve their quality of life through universal housing, provide education for poor children, offer discounts on electricity and water services and put up walls near rivers to prevent flooding. .

“Ako’y nandirito ngayon a harapan ninyo upang ipalam na ako’y tatakbo as an senador,” he said.

“The senator who has all the issues related to the ban has been implemented, has been gawan de batas, and has been appointed chairman to maipa-implement and enforce all elements and all the Philippines,” Delos added Reyes.

The Senate position is open to anyone with the following qualifications, according to the Senate website:

No one can be a senator unless they are a citizen born in the Philippines and, on election day, are at least thirty-five years old, able to read and write, be a voter registered and a resident of the Philippines for at least two years immediately preceding election day.

Meanwhile, Delos Reyes’ candidacy caught the attention of some Filipinos who claimed he had “better” election platforms than others.

“Its platforms are so much better than the ones that work so far. He really knows what the masses need, ”said one Twitter user said in response to reports on the Senate aspirant.

“People laugh at him, but he presents much more tangible platforms than the ‘promises’ the other candidates are making out of their mouths. I am listening to you, sir ”, another online user wrote.

“Now here’s a man with a plan! »A different Filipino commented.

Other reports note that Delos Reyes also wants to continue the president Rodrigo Duterteprograms to fight drugs, poverty, crime and corruption.

The chief executive’s anti-drug campaign has since attracted the attention of the International Penal Court because of alleged crimes against humanity.

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Duterte was elected with a campaign pledge to get rid of the country’s problems with drugs, crime and corruption.

During the 76th session of United Nations General Assembly last month, he said those who “acted beyond the bounds” in his anti-narcotics campaign would be held accountable under national laws.

Duterte and his police chiefs have said the campaign killings were carried out in self-defense as his government insists the ICC apparently has no right to interfere in the affairs of the country.

“If there are any complaints, they should be brought to the Philippines because our courts are functioning. The ICC has no jurisdiction, ”said the spokesperson for Duterte.

“When we became a party to the Rome Statute (of the ICC), we did not give up our sovereignty and our jurisdiction,” he added.

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