Yul Edochie slams security guards for dancing in viral video –


Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie on Saturday accused two Nigerian security guards who were seen dancing during working hours in a viral video.

On his Twitter page, the father of four noted that it was wrong for these guards to dance at their duty station.

He said social media got people “doing all kinds of stupid things” because they wanted to follow a trend.

In the video, the security guards, known as The Happy Boys, were seen dancing to the trending song “You Want Bam Bam”.

Reacting to the video, Edochie tweeted: “It’s wrong for a security guard to dance at his duty post.

“Social media tricks people into doing all kinds of stupid things just to follow the trend. You have to respect your job.

“When you come home from work, you can dance until dawn. You try with me once, I warn you. Try again, I’ll fire you.

When the viral video surfaced online, it was rumored that the workers had been fired because of their dancing.

But Chicken Republic, the guards’ employers, denied firing them in a statement on Friday.

The statement read: “It is disappointing that some people feel that Chicken Republic fired these security guards for dancing in our stores. This is not true, and so we need to set the record straight.

“We take the safety and security of our customers, staff and assets very seriously and as such we outsource our security to various private security companies that specialize in these services.

“When the management of the private security company saw the two security guards dancing in the video, they were concerned that the security guards, while dancing, were not necessarily carrying out their duties responsibly and, as as such, were probably not fully focused on their primary responsibility, i.e. your safety and security.

“There are always many sides to every story, and as a company, we have taken your feedback very seriously. We have followed up with the security company, and they have assured us that the security officers do not weren’t fired, were paid and offered refresher training.


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